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[HN9000] Hughesnet down all night.

I tried last night around 11 PM and it was down. Did the usual troubleshooting but it wouldn't come back up. It would hang at "Commissioning Software" and would receive packets but wouldn't send any. I got up at 5 AM and decided to watch some Youtube, but it was still down. It just came back up about 20 minutes ago, wondering if it was just me?

I could still go online shortly after 11 pm last night, the 23rd, but when I tried this morning around 9 am, I got nothing. System test showed it could "send packets" but not receive. About an hour ago status went from "red" to "yellow" and just turned "green a couple minutes ago.


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Confirmed by hughes, it's back up now though.

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HughesNet is trying to make it right though, they are reseting the download every 2 hours and no matter what you download the usage is still at 100%. But yeah I was out tracing wires, using my squinter meter to check everything, at first the turbo was out then when I reset it stopped at state code 8. SO if you want need some downloads done and don't want to wait till tonight start it up, just keep track of the downoad meter to make sure it doesn't start dropping.

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I'm on the west coast. It was out around 10 pm last night (Weds) and when I left the house this morning around 7, it was still out. Did rebooting and I was out in the rain checking connections. Glad it wasn't me; I wasn't looking forward to calling Cust Service this afternoon!


United State
Same here. It was out all night. My system light started blinking on my modem and I thought my modem may have broke. I almost called hughesnet to tell them I think I need a new modem until finally the next morning around 10 or 11am it came back up.

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said by septcasey:

I almost called hughesnet to tell them I think I need a new modem

That is the last resort (i learned) our modem started making electric noises after 7 long years and our issue still continued.

BTW we had a 7000.


Reidsville, NC
Anybody noticed much slower download speeds since the 9000's came back on line? I am seeing speeds that were in the 640kbps range (before the outage) reduced to 80 kbps range now. Looks like my speeds are being choked. I have a mac so I can monitor speeds as I download emails with large files.

8:30 PM West Coast: Reload page Reload page Reload page. Maybe get the full page after 5 or 6 retries. This has been the Norm here since the 1st and can happen anytime from 6 AM until 10 PM. Rebooted HN9000 Modem and the sucker rebooted twice on its own with an unusual Transmit/Receive light blinking order if you've ever watched a boot in progress enough times you can say "ok that should do it" Finely loading pages again at 10:45 PM Pacific. I've had this experience before when they wanted me to upgrade from a 4000 modem.

The Cardinal

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Slower than normal speeds here as well.

Also having issues logging into games with this congestion or whatever is going on.


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I'm getting really bad speeds right now. Earlier I tried to log into Facebook and it took several refreshes, and when it finally loaded, a bunch of pictures were "broken". I just finished downloading the Black Ops 2 patch, it was 32 megs and it took almost 15 minutes, with turbo page disabled. I got a pretty good guess what it's going to be like in a few hours... =\


Ashfield, MA
reply to Finn
I have also been getting really slow speeds since it came up around noon yesterday. (HN9000)

Prior to this I would rarely see less than 100-200k and often see up to 500k with most of my scheduled downloads in the fap free zone averaging in the 300-400k range.

My download allowance is still pegged at 100%

Noticed this evening that one download stream will stay at 10 to 20k but if I start several streams simultaneously they will all be downloading in the same 10-20k range.

At over 4 hours for a 200meg file I'm getting seriously behind in my nightly video podcast downloads