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Crystal Lake, IL

Retention phone number, price increases and Comcast

A door-to-door sales guy came by last night with a deal from Comcast. They have a price which looks like it is $25 less ($153 to $128) for their triple play with a one time $10 install. We would loose the whole home DVR. But the logic is that there is so much more on demand, we would be ok. Also, the Internet is 30 vs. 12Mbps. I know the prices he quoted me are correct since I have already received a confirmation e-mail

I signed up, but since the install isn't until next week, I want to call AT&T Retention to see what they are willing to do. Does anybody have the number without going through the main call tree? I am in Illinois.

Finally, my current pricing has "Bundle discounts". My Internet (Max) is listed at $48 with a $6 discount netting $42. With the price increase to $51, does anybody know if it would work out that my price would go up to $45?



Michigan, US
At the main prompt for the Voice Response System, just say "Rententions" and it will immediately put you through, no more hoops.


Crystal Lake, IL
Thanks Paralel - I got right in.
The rep was very nice. However since Comcast placed the pending number port order for next week, she couldn't get in to see how she could change my $$. Right now, I get $41 off of my TV and Internet. And I am paying $25 for the reduced minutes on the phone.

She guessed that she really couldn't do much more than what they are doing now. She provided *her* e-mail address so once my new service is up, I can e-mail her to cancel. She did state that she didn't want to loose me as a customer so it wasn't just sending me off.



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