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Douglasville, GA

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Re: Laptop hard drive vs. Desktop hard drive

If this is for home use, just use software designed to backup the entire system, or use windows to mirror the drive, but make sure to buy a BRAND NEW HDD that is large enough, does not matter if it's internal or external, laptop or desktop.

Software raid is not reliable.

Don't use your BRAND NEW HDD for anything else.

If this is for business, buy a server with hardware raid along with 5 new HDD's for it.

Sorry I wasn’t clear I already have a NAS device for backups. I want I setup a Mirror Raid like I have currently have in my 7 year old system that has been on 24/7/365. The problem is my system is getting old and don’t know how much it has left? The Dell mentioned in the OP has a hardware Raid you set via the Bios. So all I’d need to do is configure the Bios and install Windows and the Intel Storage Manager.

So my question is if I use Notebook hard drives (to save space in the case) would they provide the same durability and uptime as their full size counterparts?