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Carlisle, PA
reply to Bob4

Re: EXTREME freezing temperatures - What to worry about?

said by Bob4:

I'm talking about the things that look like battery chargers, with heavy cables and spring-loaded clamps on the ends. They put a large current through the pipes, generating heat and melting the ice. The advantage is that they work on pipes that are completely inaccessible, as long as you can connect the two clamps at least 20 feet(?) apart.

Interesting. Did not know such a thing existed. Sort of an induction heater for pipes...

This video was made in alkizmo's area yesterday during the day. Got much colder at night when his pipes froze.

» ··· embedded

Later on this evening, alkizmo, is going to put his tongue on his frozen copper pipes to show us how cold it is there.

Global warming can't happen fast enough for me.