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Namedrop THIS
reply to alkizmo

Re: EXTREME freezing temperatures - What to worry about?

said by alkizmo:

said by SparkChaser:

it's -8C right now, I don't even want to think of -30

-8C is quite comfy

said by SparkChaser:

You mean Irony?

You didn't see my Home Simpsons reference?
Yes I mean irony.

said by jrs8084:

From somebody who grew up in northern IL (and remembers -30 and -80 wind chills), the most important thing you can do is get on your knees and pray that the furnace doesn't tear up or the power goes out.

-80 windchills?!?!?!? Are you kidding me? You gotta be kidding me, I don't believe you.

"Dear Tom,

What was the lowest wind chill ever recorded in Chicago?

—Earl Friedman

Dear Earl,

Chicago's lowest wind chill was recorded on a horribly cold Christmas Eve in 1983 when a temperature of minus 23 and a 29 mph wind combined to produce the record low wind chill of 82 below zero.

That is one climate record that will probably never be broken."

»articles.chicagotribune. ··· mph-wind

Side note: Tom Skilling is the world's highest paid Meteorologist for a GOOD reason.
Hopefully the Ministry Of Truth and Thought Police can sort this whole thing out.
Frank Shoemaker would call this noise
GO Cubs GO!!!

Windchill isn't even relevant. It's just a measure of how "it feels like", more or less.

If ambient temperature is at -23 it's not going down to -89.
If you mix the mixture of your car's antifreeze to be good to -45C, but windchill is stated to be -100000billion C, it's still -45C outside and the antifreeze is good to go and so is your car.

As your link states, that record will likely never be broken in that area of the world because the formula used to calculate that value (which is not a measurable value, and which is different in different countries) changed.

So back to the pipes. It was something like -30C in alkizmo's neck of the woods last night with a windchill of -42. Impossible for the pipes to go below -30C.

windchill value is kind of a useless value unless you want to know what temperature it would kinda-sorta-maybe feel like on your naked skin in case you get amorous with a snowman, or figure a 5km walk home after happy hour in -30C is a cool thing to do.

dick white
Annandale, VA
said by shrug :

Windchill isn't even relevant.

Well, I think it could be, even for alkizmo's bathroom. There is a temperature gradient from room temperature (let's just say 60F) at the inside wall of alkizmo's bathroom to -30F at the outside of the same wall because that room is exposed as he described it. If the wall and the rest of the room is well insulated, there will only slight thermal transfer from inside to outside; if the insulation is poor, then there will be a significant transfer from inside to outside. But further, in a still wind, the -30F outside is not instantaneous at the wall boundary, as whatever heat is coming from the inside will radiate into the outside air, dissipating as it gets further away from the wall. For sure, at -30F, the dissipation will be rapid and the air temperature will be at ambient -30F within a very short distance. However, with a stiff wind, that few inches of temperature gradient from the outside wall temperature to the exact point of -30F will be swept away leaving a colder boundary at the wall surface. The wall will then radiate whatever latent heat it has that much faster, which will, in turn, draw more heat out of the inside of the room if it can, i.e., if the insulation is poor and consequently a potential for thermal transfer through the wall. The water pipes, being inside the wall and closer to the cold face, will freeze sooner on a windy night than a still night of the same nominal temperature.