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Brooklyn, NY
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Re: I enjoy sports...

Unfortunately you can't just blame the sports networks. Many bundled channels are due to one company forcing their little watched and never wanted channels on the cable co. as part of carrying their more popular choices. Want MTV? Here's all of Viacom's channels to go with it. Look at their list of channels and tell me how many you actually watch? »www.viacom.com/ourbrands/Pages/d ··· ult.aspx

I'd gladly opt out of the Viacom package if it would save me $10/mo. So many people complain about sports networks... I don't want my MTV!!


Portage, IN
·T-Mobile US

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I don't disagree. But rates are never going to drop, just the number of channels in the "basic" package will get smaller and smaller until we're paying the same rate for basic as we always did, and have to have a bunch of add-on packages on top of it that double the bill.

Opting-out of the Viacom package would never save you $10. You would get to pay the same rate as you always did, while no longer receiving Viacom. You'll pay the same and get less. It's the telco way. Meanwhile people who enjoy Viacom will have to pay more to get the same service they always did.


Lawrence, MA
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I'm not keen about MTV anymore? I say "Where's the music?"