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Dallas, TX
reply to Wwhhhaaa

Re: Significant outage across Southeast US?


That's Time Warner Cable for you.

When I opened my browser, it redirected me to a big TWC page with all their security agreements and fine prints - saying how I violated their rules and the user's agreement.

The only way for me to get back on the net is to call a number for 'counseling' with their security department and then,

go to a TWC webpage and download THEIR programs which I had to install to scan my entire computer and then it will send the results of the scan to TWC.

If they find the results of the scan to their satisfaction, then I would be allowed back on the net

F them! I dropped them that same day!

A few months later they started calling me, begging me to go back to TWC at double the speed I had at 1/2 the price I was paying.

TWC Road Runner advertises fast download and upload speed so you can get your movies and music faster but if you were to use it, they will mark you a trouble maker.

I wasn't using any torrent programs nor was I uploading spyware.

I did a Windows SP update which was a 800MB download and I uploaded several vacation videos to an online file host (which I was paid for, not one of those free ones like Megaupload) for my friends and family to access them.

I have friends with TWC that run torrents and p2p 24/7 yet they never gotten flagged.

Finally, not every file on p2p and torrents is illegal;

many college students and companies use p2p to share important files.

You can only attach so much on an email; sometime you have to send files bigger than your email will allow.
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Gone South
reply to AngryDallas

Re: Significant outage across Southeast US?

Since this is not the Time Warner forum, let's please get back to posts related to U-verse. Thanks.

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