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Coos Bay, OR

[HN9000] 0 % left - not fapped???

Well, I have 0% left on my bandwidth, but I don't know why. It is in the AM now, but all day my bucket was refilling hourly, or so it seemed as I wasn't on all the time. Then suddenly, here in the AM I have nothing. I had gone to get something at the tube and noticed that my download stayed at a pitiful 16-19kbs. That's when I checked my status.

But it isn't telling me that I've been fapped, so I don't know whether to use a token or not? It did say the next refill was in just a little over an hour. I don't think it would tell me that if I'd been fapped?

Other then the impossible slow download at the tube, the rest of the internet seems quite fast. Totally confusing.


Coos Bay, OR
Okay, the allowance page doesn't show me fapped, but the control center does. Still not explained is why I'd be getting a refill an hour from now?


reply to Wyngs
My meter hasn't budged since the outage (not that I'm complaining).

Just been resetting the timer every 2 hours or so.


Woodland, MS
Same here I'm getting refilled every 3 hours or so...like you I am not complaining.


Coos Bay, OR
reply to Wyngs
I got refilled an hour and a half after the end of the free time. Of course, having zero left I only got 60%. Been a long time since I haven't saw 100% on the refill.


reply to Wyngs
Well guess I'm not the only one. It refilled for me and now its saying 3.5 hours to refill again. Sweet!

Anyhow Wyngs did you check your usage at
»customercare.myhughesnet.com/cc_ ··· ools.cfm

Maybe that will tell you something


reply to Wyngs
Download allowance issues are affecting select Spaceway customers with HN9000 modems. Our engineers are currently working to correct the situation and we expect this to be resolved by this evening.
»community.myhughesnet.com/hughes ··· ustomers

No seriously it's fine, take your time >_> lol.

Speeds haven't been much worse than usual (Well not that they're usually good, but eh), though I imagine some places aren't so lucky.

In other news the usage page stops at the outage for me, so I guess I can't see how much data I burnt thru not lol.

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Friendly, WV
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reply to Wyngs
I feel bad for you all.. The 9000 must had been great but for now its useless (from my understanding) and as for 7000 haha.. Not worth anything. Over here on the Gen4 its not much different either and i'm not going to be surprised if hughes has another big outage by in the morning after they get the situation for you guys cleared.

Some pages (including google homepage- not even logged in) will not even load today nor did they yesterday or day before and the speeds i have been having are'nt as great from when we first got it, most of the time i'm seeing upload speed GREATER than the download speed.. Yes you heard me right, the upload speed is stronger than the download speed. Everythings running fine on this end, no errors.
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