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Woodbridge, VA

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If this new tier just cut all the sprts channels...

and left all the channels the Ultimate HD tier has except the premium chnanels, i would jump on it. But I see there are several channels that are missing from this non sports tier that I watch.

It's like that with all their tiers. The only one that has the channels I want to watch is the Ultimate HD tier. All the lower tiers omit a channel here and a channel there that I would want to watch.

Although if they start charging me extra for regional sports channels on my Ultimate HD tier(which I don't watch), that will probably push me to jump to a lower tier even though it might be missing channels I want.

I'll will jump to a lower TV tier and to the lower 75/35 internet tier and Verizon will be getting at least $40 less per month from me.

I wonder how much the price will go up in so. cal. when the dodgers get the $8 billion dollar20 year contract/