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Camelot One
Greenwood, IN

Antigua Government Set to Launch 147;Pirate148; Website To Punis

So they are going to "sell" pirated music, movies, and software, using a WTO ruling that allows them suspend up to $21M in copyright fees per year.

So by current US Laws and what the MPAA/RIAA thinks their crap is worth, that means your $5 a month "unlimited" service should get you access to what, about 3 movies and a couple CDs worth of music?

Purcellville, VA

Re: Antigua Government Set to Launch 147;Pirate148; Website To P

I really have to wonder how this will be handled in the US for anyone who subscribes and downloads. Normally I'd think that the person still broke the law even though they paid for access to the music/movie/software, but since this appears to have legal backing that allows it the waters are much murkier.

If this site actually goes live, and if there's a way for US residents to actually make use of it without risk of fines, arrest, etc. then it might be worth considering the purchase of a subscription.