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Bath, ON
reply to robman50

Re: [INTERNET] Great News!

said by robman50:

I got one to, which I posted in the »Recent Phishing Attempt thread. Actually I posted a couple of these types of emails in there.

Looks like your thread on phishing has been deleted. What's the reason for that?

Surprised the email from Cogeco support got through Cogeco's filters.

Sounds like some of you opened the link? Not a good idea!


Beamsville, ON
Maybe Cogeco_Aaron deleted it?

Anyway I got another email of course I delete them after reporting them.
I wonder why they are pretending to be Cogeco. Darn spammers.

-----Original Message----- From: Support
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 12:22 PM Subject: Great news!

Great news!

You can now login to Cogeco webmail for weekly news forum and get the latest exciting
information and news/update. Please use the database link goo.gl/KO5RZ to login
for more information about this service.

Technology Services
Privacy Terms and Conditions
Regulatory Tariffs© 2013

reply to Dingaan
said by Dingaan:

What's the reason for that?

Hey guys, we asked for the thread to be removed because upon further reflection, we're worried that if we start disavowing certain phishing attempts and miss others, people might find themselves compromised because they thought it was legitimate.

We want our clients to be confident of one thing, we will never ask by email to confirm any personal data.

In the past, we have never asked for other threads to be removed (to the best of my knowledge) and we do not have the desire to do so in the future.

We just want to make sure people stay secure.

Thanks for your understanding

edit: "confirm certain of their personal data" replaced with "confirm any personal data".