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Houston, TX
reply to jc10098

Re: Talk about not giving a Damn

said by jc10098:

said by workablob:

That is less than a mile from where we live in Ponderosa Forest.

I can literally walk there without breaking a sweat.

Been here since 2000.

It's a small world indeed although I wouldn't want to have to mow it.


Small world indeed. I guess you remember Hurricane Ike Hitting Spring, too. The big tree down on Kuykendahl Rd. The huge Lamp Post sitting toppled on Kuykendahl and Louetta near the Krogers. That one guy on the billboard missing his arm for ages LOL. First Hurricane I'd seen. I laughed about Houston panicking when it was 34 and "flurries", though you had me beat on the Hurricane part.

As I said, I loved the summers and winters. Moved away back to Ohio (originally from) in 2010 and now I get to enjoy the chilly temps. Everyone thinks I'm nuts here when I keep my heat cranked to 77.

Last time I was down in Houston was this past summer. Funny enough, this visit I went to the mall with the skating rink. Forgetting name right now. I'd never been there before even when I lived in Houston.

Ike was no fun at all. A Week without power. Branches punched holes in my mom's mobile home. Bleh.

That Mall might be the Galleria. That's the only place I have skated here and it was back in the '70s before I moved back to Pgh.

I may have been born yesterday. But it wasn't at night.


Yep, the Galleria is correct. The named escaped me for some reason. I'd never been, even in the 2 years I lived in Spring. Not sure why to be honest. I just always hung around Willowbrook Movie Tavern / Spring. There use to be a sweet arcade in Spring too. I believe it was on FM 1960 if I recall. All you could eat pizza and games for 10 dollars. My brother and I lived there and would go quite a bit before it shut down. I moved away from Houston while he's still there.

Made it out to NASA once, Museum Downtown, that Japanese Garden Downtown, and some other stuff here and there. Also Old Towne Spring as well.

Oddly enough, I've probably explored more of the U.S. than I did Houston itself LOL.

None the less, I do miss the weather the most. 3 Inches of snow today and single teens. Fun times.

Funny enough, Emerald Cove went in 3 stages. Front half never lost power or hot water. My half lost power a day or 2. However, no hot water for a month! The back of the apartments were without power a month and their grid controlled the hot water heater for the middle and back. Taking cold showers for a month was NO FUN!!!!

A friend lived in the section affected by the 30 days of no power. Had I been there, I'd of either gotten a generator or gone back home for a month up North..

All I can say is Spring got nailed and nailed good during Ike. Branches everywhere created a headache. A tree fell through a car where I lived.