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Why is there no anti-trust case against cable and traditional media.

Much like following the financial crisis, the GOP congress killed off any possible action (investigation) by government against a business. After all, they apparently do everything better, ethically, and can even self-regulate.


Peachtree City, GA

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Please give blame to all that should receive it.

Start with the crooked, conservative Supreme Court with several decisions giving corporations the same rights as those given to an individual.

Oh, well. You live and you die.


Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to Telco
said by Telco:

Why is there no anti-trust case against cable and traditional media.

Because there isn't even an inkling of a hint of a case.

Generally, content is cheaper than ever.

Just because we can't buy/rent the content in the manner, format, time, density and bundling we prefer, doesn't make for a conspiracy among the content owners - quite the opposite - they lose the potential sale.

Much as I'd like to see content sold dynamically, ala-carte, and I'm confident that such a system would result in huge revenue increases - people buy more when they can choose what they want, business prefers predictable revenues, just as consumers want consistent flat-rate billing, even when measured plans would save them lots of money.

So absent the second coming of Steve Jobs holding a World-Wide content sales summit, where all the players can see the light (more $$$$ for everyone, not just the newcomers), the established players are going to protect their investment, and they have every right to do so.