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Manitowoc, WI

at&t nothing but a shady bad all around corporation

Why don't they sell the unprofitable areas that they pissed off, to some other business that is slightly better then att?
I got a nicely hand written letter yesterday from att, "our neighbors at" "so and so's address" yeah, go away att, you blew it a few months ago! I ain't coming back!


Because no other company wants to buy those areas.


Fullerton, CA
·Time Warner Cable
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said by Rangersfan :

Because no other company wants to buy those areas.

Because we are talking about pesky regulated services. Yep. No one wants those.

Now if the regulators would just do their job and force ATT to maintain that infrastructure they were already paid billions of dollars to maintain.....

If the regulators would realize that IP service today is the bona fide equivalent of the PSTN of 50 years ago, and ATT was indeed paid to maintain that, they should be just forced to provide every one of their wireline customers with at least a 6 MBPS data line at regulated rates.

Yeah, I said it. Those services should *all* be regulated.

I am there. I have the $14.95 ATT DSL right now, and they are still advertising $14.95 DSL on their website. It can barely manage a 2 MB download, and they raised the rates to see if I would complain 7 months after they put it in. It's been a year now and they have just jacked up the rates again. To what they say is the "regular" price. I say the regular price is the one you put on your website. There ought to be a law!

These are all big bad companies and they are all using the same playbook. Advertise cheap prices then raise them later, claiming those are the "regular" prices. But only chumps pay those inflated prices.

Believe it or not TWC is cheaper, for a while at least.