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[Internet] Bell Fibe TV FTTN Caps on Useage. Do They trottle?

So I've had the service since August. My lines outside were poorly maintained had to be replaced. The distance is also too far. Paying for 15/10 and only getting a max 4 on my upload. Its ok, I don't need to upload anyways. Somedays its super slow. This is acceptable and not a huge issue at the moment.

My problem is my cap, its a 75GB's with the plan. (Highest Tier offered with FibeTV) I've also added an additional 125GB's for $25.

I still hit my cap. Often. I looked into the 300gb plan, but was informed thats only at 5/1 for "students".

So I called in to see if I could get another package for my useage limit and am hit with a brick wall. "Sir thats the limit, we can't go any higher". B.S on B.S. But I was offered this advice.

Cancel your additional GB's and just go over your 75 Limit. Once you reach the $80 Over-usage fee they will not charge you and you can go over it as much as you want. My concern is more about being throttled at a certain point or disconnected for going over too much.

It's also a little ridiculous, 59+80 for "Unlimited GB"s". Ya right. So just wondering if anyone else has an idea.

And I hope you aren't wondering how I hit a 200GB monthly limit. In which case I will say this, 5 people, 3 counters, 2 tablets, 5 Phones. PS3, Wii, Netflix, Steam........


Oshawa, ON
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Re: [Internet] Bell Fibe TV FTTN Caps on Useage. Do They trottle

You could also Drop yourself to 5/1 with your fibe tv internet or threathen to cancel if they Don;t zero rate it and go with a Thirdparty and get unlimited 25/10 on a second line coming into the house p:) or wait a lil bell supposedly has new packages coming
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According to this thread at redflagdeals. Bell is beginning to offer an unlimited monthly usage plan for either $30/ month.

or $10 /month if you have Bell TV and 2 other services.

»forums.redflagdeals.com/bell-fib ··· 1293434/


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Woke up this morning to a call from Bell. It was the rep I had talked to on friday. Indeed they are offering unlimited internet, because I have 3 services, homephone, tv, and internet, it's cheap.

I'm happy.