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reply to Jtmo

Re: Feds warn PC users to disable Java

said by Jtmo:

... I have it disabled in the control panel.

Large scale attacks on banks from Iran, can they also target only USA computers??? Cyber attacks will increase going forward I believe.

Oh, and for anyone who has kids in school or University, ALEKS used for thier schoolwork requires Java and boy is it a pain.

Virtually every nation-state has its enemies somewhere... and most exploits are equal-opportunity - they don't care whose computers they infect or where, if only to enlist them as part of global bot networks or to try to infect still other systems. I think the key safe-hex thing to do is employ a triage mindset:
1) if you don't actually need Java, get rid of it (including all its versions)
2) if you do truly need Java at times, keep it in chains (that is, disable it for browsing using the Java Control Panel, until it's specifically needed - then afterwards, disable it again... immediately)
3) make sure you only have the latest Java version installed (the rare exception should only be made when the user absolutely knows that an older version is required - which will exclude most Java users)
4) keep Java updated as soon as patches are released (given its favored-program status for hacking, it gets instant hacker attention when exploits are discovered)
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Or block the plugin at a network level to protect users at your IP address. You can VPN past it yourself, but most friends aren't that savvy. If they were, I'd just block the port except for my status IPs or the destination of all known VPN hosts except mine(unless they get my permission, which granny is not getting with how much I have cleaned her computer, only to see her reinfected the next week due to weak security practices). She is a good lady, but treats a computer like a toaster in terms of security and updates. Installs a bunch of crap that has clean alternatives. In the insecure IE days, it only took me 3 years to get her to try Firefox or Chromium(now she is behind the times because Webkit has had better security of built-in sandboxing and better rendering), but she did pull away from IE. Progress, folks. Yes, I have a right to setup my network to be protective from my home so nothing bad is coming from my IP address. I feel it to be a responsibility to do that. They will do what they want at home lol
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A wise person knows enough to know they couldn't possibly know everything.

There are zealots for every OS, like every religion. They do not represent the majority of users for either.

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Have her use a VM for browsing. Blow it away and replace with fresh VM regularly.

Rialto, CA

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reply to Blackbird
There are only a couple of sites where I have used Java. One is here (dslreports.com) for the Java speed test. The other was secunia.com for their OSI (Online Software Inspector). However, the flash speed test works better for me now since I have a newer used computer and I use the PSI, which is installed locally and does not require Java. I could probably completely uninstall Java, for that matter. I will be thinking about that.

Added: I just uninstalled it from a Win 7 Pro 64-bit system. I had already disabled it for browsers, but had not restarted. I can't restart this system just any time, so I thought I'd just remove Java entirely. That worked fine and did not require a restart.

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