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West Chester, OH

Need Advice on CB FiOptics

I have poked around a little on the forum and have noticed a lot of disgruntled CB FiOptics users and would like to hear your opinion - are there any CB customers happy with their equipment and service? I don't want the vocal minority scaring me away from what appears to be great technology.

I have CB installing FiOptics in my home on Monday with Whole Home DVR, 30 Mbps internet and phone. I really need the higher Internet speed they are offering and they are providing me a great deal for the next 12 months. I currently have TW cable and CB DSL (5Mbps). I'm mostly happy with TW cable - the DVR screws up sometimes, but in general it works as expected. The CB DSL internet connection works great and never had a problem in the last 5 years.

I live in West Chester and they have recently installed FiOptics in my neighborhood with FTTH.

Thanks for your comments!


On the fioptics internet, I am very happy. I have had good speeds with FTTN connection.

On fioptics TV, I am not happy. I used a HTPC (running XBMC). Until a week ago the service was ok. CB rolled out a software/firmware update to the boxes and now I get no signal to my PC (I suspect they enabled the copy never flag). The STB guide is extremely slow and locks up frequently. The remote control response is iffy with new batteries. Even attempting to change the channel by enter the channel number is hit and miss (4 out of 5 tries it will not do all three numbers for the correct channel).

I will be cancelling my Fioptics TV and returning to Directv.


Cincinnati, OH
reply to NovaRoam
I have FTTN internet and TV. I had DirecTv for years before. The controller took some time to get a handle on the buttons and I can't get the PIP to work. But, that might be my TV, I don't know. The HD DVR I have is alright. Not on DriecTv's level. I don't seem to get the lag that some on this forum deal with. To play a show that you record it takes about 5 taps on the enter button. Menu prompt after menu prompt to get to play this episode. My wife has complained that some of her shows don't record, but that might be user error.

The internet is spot on. Speed were it should be. No problems there.

The price is in the right spot. That is the big thing for me. I get the channels I want. Internet speed I want. And a serviceable HD DVR. I know that the software on the DVR is not up to DirecTv standard, but everything is cheaper.

This is a half way positive post so I fully expect it to be buried in negative posts and pushed down the forum here. I think Time Warner must patrol this forum.


Cincinnati, OH

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reply to NovaRoam
If it is FTTH then the IP transport should be reliable. The complaints fall into two main categories:

1) Problems with firmware on the ZTE set top boxes. These boxes were originally used on FTTN installs but are also turning up on FTTH installs. The software has been improving but slooooowly.... One can only hope that CB have threatened ZTE with appropriate action if they don't improve matters.

2) Problems with VDSL. Only FTTN installs use VDSL. CB aren't the only carrier suffering with VDSL issues. One problem is that as more customers are added a particular pair bundle may suddenly have new pairs running VDSL and causing interference to existing VDSL pairs. A customer whose service had been OK suddenly becomes unhappy because their service suddenly gets worse. Vectoring provides some mitigation by monitoring multiple circuits and determining the appropriate signal levels to reduce crosstalk while maintaining throughput performance but I'm not sure if the Calix gear CB is installing supports vectoring.

If you are being offered FTTH then you will probably love the Internet and be prepared to put up with the ZTE boxes for a while.

If it turns out to be FTTN you will *probably* be OK because 30 Mbps down is only offered relatively close to the fiber node so your chances of crosstalk problems are lower than some. The fact that your DSL connection has been reliable also suggests availability of a decent copper pair for a VDSL circuit.

Let us know how it goes!


West Chester, OH
reply to NovaRoam
Ok - I just had my service installed yesterday and everything seems to be running great! I consistently get 28.6Mbps download and 9.6Mbps upload with a 3ms ping time - faster than expected! Also the TV is up and running although the guide seems a little slower than TW. All in all I'm very happy with the service so far.

I also just switched from TWC. FTTN and 3200' of copper to the house. Line tested at 35Mbps. Install was painless and all works as promised. UI on the DVR is a bit clumsy and the available free on-demand programming is lacking, but for $100/month savings, I can deal with it.