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This is a sub-selection from I've got nothing to hide

reply to Camaro

Re: I've got nothing to hide

said by Camaro:

said by seamore:

the thing is, the common person can not fight tooth and nail for privacy.

Oh yes I can sir, by not giving into the "I have nothing to hide" is a start for me. No I wouldn't be standing at my door with a shotgun if people in black vans come a knocking, but you damn sure my 1 vote will go to a politician who has at least a few of my privacy concerns in mind. I will never have that mentality of "come on in nothing to hide here". But we are still a free country so we each have our own opinion of the situation.

Dont be silly. Politicians dont care about what you want. They are only concerned about which lobby will line their pockets.
Just look at the Patriot Act. Im sure you're upset about that, too, right? Look at the number of Yeas compared to the nays The politicians dont care what you think.\
You really think if someone fires off an email/letter/call to their rep that the rep takes the time to shuffle through all of them? LOL

»educate-yourself.org/cn/patriota ··· te.shtml

I cant be bothered by this "snooping".

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Well I don't plan on going to live in a hole so I am stuck here. I am not flaming anyone, but having that attitude permeates into people thinking they can't do anything so the hell with it.

And the Patriot ACT is a whole other ball of wax, I am going to stay on point.

I think we should agree to disagree, you have your camp I have mine and as long as there are at least 2 that's fine by me.