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Miami, FL
reply to Tech007

Re: Leaving AT&T U-Verse FTTP after 2 years :(

said by Tech007:

Can you get FIOS on copper? Isnt FIOS only available if you have FTTP? Uverse is available on FTTP or copper so I am assuming that is the difference but correct me if I am wrong

That would be why FTTP has to be restricted. If uverse was only a FTTP product they could offer 100, 300 mb plans if they wanted to..

There is no such regulation. Fiber networks have been deregulated since Bush's 1st term

Belleville, IL
If its not regulation then it is self imposed since fttp usually is deployed for brand new neighborhoods but rarely replaced in old ones and they are doing it "in fairness" accross the board. I would expect to see fiber speeds increase when we start increasing the speeds on copper

I can't wait for the new modems, they will be so much better!


Miami, FL
Exactly it's self imposed. Of course it really doesn't make sense because they call IPDSLAM, FTTC VDSL2, and FTTH UVerse. IPDSLAM can't reach the speeds of FTTC VDSL2 lines yet they have no problem calling both UVerse. So why make the distinction on the other end by crippling their FTTH lines?

I'm sure there's a crazy reason that senior management has come up with to justify this.