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Chesterfield, MO

Unlocking My iPhone

No -- this isn't about the recent DMCA shenanigans although I find that amusing.

About two weeks ago I started the unlock process with AT&T. I navigated to their on-line web site and completed the request form. Within a day or two I received an e-mail asking me to wait another 24 hours before following the unlock procedure.

OK -- thank you AT&T! I didn't even have to talk to anyone. Yeah! Now...on to that unlock procedure...

Connect your phone to iTunes and restore it. Say what? Of course I can use iTunes to do a full backup, restore the iPhone and then recover with the backup. Which I did and my phone is now unlocked but who the heck thought of this as an unlock procedure? What a PITA!

IMO -- this is a completely ridiculous process. Does anyone know WHY I had to go through this ridiculous, lengthy process just to enable the phone to work with another network's SIM card? Is this unique to the iPhone?

In closing, although I like my iPhone and to a far lesser extent, Apple, iTunes leaves a lot to be desired. Despite telling me I was doing a full backup, it lost all of my music. No harm done, all of my music is ripped from CDs I own so I can quickly restore it but Apple -- you don't know what the definition of FULL BACKUP means. What a load of bull.


Durham, NC
It doesn't help now, but from what I hear, you don't actually have to do a full restore to unlock it, even though the instructions say that.

I'd have to do more research to provide better instructions, but this is what I've picked up from skimming macforums or whatever it's called.