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Landing is the REAL challenge
Columbus, OH
reply to LadyL

Re: Highway 401 Accident Near Toronto

said by LadyL:

Whenever it snows in Ohio...the accidents are caused by people who have lived in Ohio for years...they just don't slow down or really watch what is going on around them !

Sad but true.
I swear, some people should have pace-makers installed to free up the resources. Breathing and heart beat taxes their whole system, all of their brain cells wasted on life support.-two bit brains, and the second bit is wasted on parity! ~head_spaz


Austin, TX
I lived most of my life in Illinois before I entered the Air Force and got stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH,Whiteman AFB in Missouri and K.I. Sawyer AFB near Marquette, MI., among others. All of these places had snow, and K.I. Sawyer averaged over 200 inches a year, and most people could drive decently in it, especially in MI. From MI, I moved to Austin, TX and it is terrifying if there is any snow at all. Most here have no idea how to drive on it, so it is best to stay at home until it melts.

However, my job required me to be at work regardless of the weather, so I got to see some interesting situations.