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Light Will Pierce The Darkness
Nepean, ON
reply to Link Logger

Re: You got to be kidding me a HP LaserJet 4P on Windows 7

said by Link Logger:

Another reminder as to why I like Microsoft, no stupid limitations. So if the wife wants to print something from her stupid iPad she will have to switch over to the right access point, me I just hit print, you tell me which is easier.

Now YOU can appreciate how ENABLING Microsoft windows is over any other OS out there.

Unfortunately enabling technology is a phrase many people cannot comprehend to grasp and appreciate due to their very limited and challenged view-port--- just a blank stare and then a wake-up call to arms where the OS wars begin as a defensive intellectual maneuver.

It is true that as an enabling technology Microsoft Windows can be very abused which is why so many people get into trouble cause of their blind unbridled enthusiasm that lacks respect for the technology. Apple shines due to their WALL Garden approach but many Luddites view that wall as enabling.
David Mozer
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Reston, VA
Foiled, my new HP Win8 PC has no parallel port for my Laser Jet 6P that has run at least 30,000 pages and I have a reasonable new cartridge. And I copied my old XP sol.exe/cards.dll to Win8 and works just fine - a really old piece of software.

Ontario, CAN
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