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reply to opinionmine

Re: New TV Package: Select HD

said by opinionmine:

Seriously? You need proof?

You are not aware that one pays more for one tier then another?

You're not aware that the difference between tiers is content not "service"?

So just go ahead and show me the charges broken out for the individual content and we'll be all set. Show me your Music channel charge and your home improvement channel charge and your news channel charge. Show me individual channel charges.

And, if this is true and you're already charged based on content and not access, exactly what's the problem your crying to the government to rush in and solve? Individual line-item charges? Seriously?


You're obviously confused, and I will respond no further to you.

Where did I seek Governmental intervention?

I look at this issue through two conflicting eyes. As a consumer and as an investor. I've owned stock in Comcast for a couple of years. The games these companies play has benefited me financially much more then I would pay in service in many many decades, and that's all good.

As a consumer I dislike what they do.


reply to knarf829
You can spout all your libertarian ideologies you like, it doesn't mean you are right. I see the government's role to prevent anti competitive practices that threaten free commerce. When all suppliers work together to ensure you can only get cheap products if you buy the much more expensive ones then to me that is anti competitive.


There are already laws against anti-competitive behavior. If you feel your rights have been violated in this respect, bring action against those who have violated them.

Back here in the real world, I'm having trouble thinking of an industry that is more competitive than home delivery of entertainment video. You have two satellite companies. You have a cable company. A lot of places have more than one "cable" type company. You have Hulu Plus. You have Netflix. You have Amazon Instant Streaming. For movies there is Vudu.

Cable and satellite companies have the challenge of bringing people the content they want using the technology they prefer at a price they're willing to pay. This model developed because this is the model that best delivers that.


reply to knarf829
Pricing structure is not purely based on service either; otherwise, VZ would charge extra for HD vs. SD feeds of identical content.