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North York, ON

[Express] Should I bother with the SMCD3GN-RES modem?

In a post a few days I mentioned I'm looking to buy a D3 modem. Audio Video 2001 has the SMCD3GN-RES on sale for $130 (save $20). I read here that the wireless router is not very good, so I should use it in bridge mode (with my existing wireless router). But is the modem portion reliable?

Finally, I'm thinking of switching to Teksavvy or Start in a couple of months and it appears this is the only modem that's supported by all three companies, meaning that if and when I switch provider, it should be really straight forward... right?!



Ajax, ON
I haven't used the SMCCD3GN-RES for my (recently upgraded due to plan change) Extreme Plus service for Rogers (as I had got the Cisco DPC3825), but it depends if the other users in this board has this particular modem by SMC. Then again, YMMV.

I'm not sure if this particular modem comes out as "unlocked", but the other day - I was at a Zellers (which is slated to be vanished from the Canadian retail marketplace in less than two months)and they have the SMC8014WG gateways up for grabs, but it only supports D2 (DOCSIS 2.0)..

Not sure if either the SMC8014WG or the SMCCD3GN-RES will support on TekSavvy or Start, but it's best to call them.

(FYI, YMMV = Your mileage may vary)


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SMCD3GN does not handle 150 ultimate. It may not be a problem for you now but as the other package increase in speed, it may be obsolete a little sooner then the other D3s


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I purchased mine from a Rogers store for about the same price about a year ago.

This model has been rock solid for my "Extreme Plus" internet connection.

Wireless is not bad, but if you need alot of range (like your backyard) or have some difficult spots to reach in your home, I'd look for something else.
I tried a D-Link range extender, but I had a ton of problems getting it to stay connected. I haven't bothered to bridge mine to a separate wireless router yet.


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Modem part is solid, router part is average. I would classify the range as short to medium. My netgear provides a much better longer and faster signal.

If you go with Ultimate, you only get 75mbps/2mbps though. It works out for me as it is high enough for my usage.


London, ON
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SMCD3GN channel bonding is 4 down and 4 up. Don't know why anybody would waste money on old tech.


Toronto, ON
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The price point is what would cause me to avoid the modem. Not "old technology" as elitefx put it.

Those modems are good for 160 although until a few changes happen on the back end, you're going to start maxing out at a bit over 150mbit. These modems are more than capable of handling most of the tiers out.

Teddy Boom
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Toronto, ON
reply to JohnPaul
The switch to TPIA goes smoother if you are changing modem at the same time. In particular, Start will allow you to overlap service if you are changing modem, and if you overlap by 5-7 days you can be sure that any issues are ironed out before the Rogers modem stops working.

If you are switching using the same modem, you will often have a brief outage of an hour or two, sometimes an outage of 24 hours. In unusual cases where there is a provisioning error*, it could be a few days.

If you are really switching, just pay the rent for a month or two until you go to the new company. Then get a good quality used modem for half that price (hint hint). Yes, you'll need to buy a separate router as well, but in fact that is a good thing.

provisioning issue: I hate derailing threads, but... arthurwinslo, maybe you know what happens Once in every hundred or so new accounts I run into a mysterious provisioning issue. The cable modem is working perfectly before provisioning, but once it is activated the modem is unable to pull an IP address. I don't mean internet IP for the customer's equipment, I mean the 10.x.x.x IP that the cable modem pulls just before download the configuration file. It seems to happen a lot on DCM425 (indicated by getting stuck on the three lights blinking stage of synchronization). If the customer pursues it with Teksavvy, Rogers often sends a technician out, which is a complete waste of time. So, I find it is much easier to just swap the modem. Any insight would be great!