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Hilo, HI

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reply to Anon

Re: [WIN8] The Gunstringer - free til Jan 28

said by JohnInSJ:

said by Shootist:

And that is totally ridiculous. People are buying from it, downloading from it. Not uploading to it with malware/viruses/trojans.

So be it I would never use it anyway and I'll never use Win 8 either. Just like I never used Vista.

said by JohnInSJ:

Yep, and companies with marketplaces enforce the security their Brains put in place. If your Brain chooses otherwise, they simply turn off their marketplaces. So, no problems for anyone, yes?

And so, you too would not need to be reading a thread with [WIN8] in the title. So again, not a problem for you at all.

How would anyone know from the title of this thread, and the first post, that if they chose to assert some control over their own computer (which has Win8 because they could not buy one with a different OS) that they could not get this game?

The OP might have made it clear in the first post that this is available only to those who allow Microsoft to own them (you also have to create a Microsoft account for your new Win 8 computer if you plan to get anything from Microsoft store. This allows Microsoft to track everything you do if you have been naive enough to NOT create a local user account when setting up your new computer).

In other words, if the first post (and the link) had made it clear this was a stupid, extremely limited, with tons of nasty strings attached, "free" (not a bit free really) download that is a METRO app, not a Windows 8 Desktop application then I would not have read beyond the first post. It really should have been in the title "Gunslinger METRO ONLY app free".

I think with the advent of Win 8 being on almost all new computers now, and a lot of users being unhappy with Metro (installing Start8, etc) that titles and original posts would benefit from being a bit more informative.
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Mauldin, SC
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Re: [WIN8] The Gunstringer - free til Jan 28

said by JohnInSJ:

said by Mele20:

How would anyone know from the title of this thread,

The title has [Win8] and the assertion was that this person I responded to stated " I'll never use Win 8 " - as he has in the past.

So why is he reading posts about win8?

Looking at his post history, that should be obvious.

New York, NY

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reply to Mele20
Perhaps a better question would be to ask why you would think a general Windows 8 thread like this about an inane game would take into consideration whatever modifications you made to your system?

Strictly speaking, the OP could have specified Windows 8 "Free Metro game" or" Free new Windows UI game" but I suspect that would have little effect on the complaint posts in this respect. In fact it could have simply incurred even more such complaints.