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Phoenix, AZ
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Re: [OK] Pleased with HSI and TV Economy so far

To the OP, for the Economy TV, on your other TV's that have no box, do you get all of the expanded channels?

I just had the Economy TV set up, and in the bedroom without a box, i'm getting channels 2-99, i'm not complaining though. Just wondering if maybe he forgot to put a trap on my line.

Although, the Economy package is so spaced out here channel wise i dont know how they'd even trap it off in a condo considering the size of the tap.

I got mine for $27.99/mo with a free DVR as well, but i'm going to go and see if i can swap it for a Trio box at the store tomorrow since i think i can get one for no additional fee here.


Oklahoma City, OK
Brad152, I haven't tried out the 3rd TV yet and I would need to round up a coax cable and find the remote to check. I know the tech told me I'd get all the ClearQAM channels but he didn't know which ones those were. I'll try to test this out later or tomorrow if I get time.


Oklahoma City, OK
reply to brad152
I didn't see many of the channels at all. Some locals scattered about, the 3 C-Spans and then the locals in HD in the 700s along with a Disney station too I think. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Omaha, NE
reply to brad152
for the Trio boxes you need pro even just for one. Plus the software is still to buggy that's why I went with Tivo.