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Quebec, QC
reply to TSI Marc

Re: Quebec: Best ISP and plan for value?

Alright. Haven't had a single problem with Teksavvy in 5 years, really great service you're providing.

Constructive criticism: it seems you have the highest installation fees in the industry at the moment. And with Distributel, u can rent the Thomson modem for just $5 a month, as opposed to paying 99$ with Teksavvy, that's a pretty big difference. I'm guessing that $99 + $65 for installation puts off a lot of people from subscribing, that's my case anyway.

Thank you.

Distributel has the lowest "bill shock" but it's significantly higher than ebox and TSI if you only use 200-300GB/mo.

Acanac: $49.95 Activation + $99.95 Cable Modem + $683.40 ($56.95 * 12 months) = $833.30+tax First bill

TSI: $65 Activation + $10 Shipping + $99 Cable modem + $59.95/mo = $233.95+tx First bill

Ebox: $49.95 Activation + $15 Shipping + $59.95/mo ($49.95/mo + $10/mo rental modem) = $124.90+tx First bill

Distributel: $39 Activation + $71.90/mo ($66.95/mo + $4.95/mo rental modem) = $110.90+tx First bill


Quebec, QC

Good work, thank you.


reply to qcc4ble
said by qcc4ble :

Ebox: $49.95 Activation + $15 Shipping + $59.95/mo ($49.95/mo + $10/mo rental modem) = $124.90+tx First bill

You don't have to have the modem shipped if you are in Montreal/Longueuil you can just pick it up in the office and save yourself the $15, so it makes it almost as cheap as Distributel....(cost you about $4 more initially, but you save $12/month)