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Re: No 4G Yet :(

Thank you. I was told by the President of Millenicom personally on the phone and by a sales person on a separate call.

My point is that I don't know whether to buy an antenna or some type of signal booster at all because when hubby went up on the roof, and when we walk around with the jetpack, there is NO 4G signal anywhere around here.

Millenicom says I need a desktop type antenna and 3G store says a roof top but only if the signal is improved by taking the device on the roof. It wasn't any better on the roof.

Sorry for the confusion.

Max Signal
Buffalo, NY
Maybe there is no 4G tower in your area yet . The antenna Millenicom sells can be used on your desk or on your roof . They work great if you place by a window indoors , no need to even get on the roof.

All 4G rollout by Verizon is scheduled to be done by 4th quarter this year .


Los Angeles, CA
reply to jamiem
Just to clarify … when you type your address into the Verizon coverage locator and click the "4G" toggle button and submit your information on that site, does it read that you have 4G coverage?

There is an implication in this thread that you were mislead by Millenicom and we all need to know if we can trust them. Please let us know.


NO! I am not complaining at all about Millenicom. They were very nice and the President of the corporation even called me back when I did complain about a price within 15 minutes.

I want to know HOW to get my speeds up to 4G.

Up until now, I have no looked online to see my area coverage. But I just looked and my area shows that I can get 4GLTE for my entire area.

Thank you.



Cobbs Creek, VA
open the web interface for the 4620 and look at the RSSI and SINR ... Advanced>Diagnostics ... what are the numbers?
... need help? »evdo-tips.com/


Right now RSSI 60%, (-84dBn) if that is the right info. I've got two bars on the signal strength. I've never had more than three bars with this device - ever. But, it sure beats dial up. TY. Jamie