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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL

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reply to mikewcfl

Re: [Internet] spotty wifi

said by mikewcfl:

Good luck kashley, I had exactly the same problem with my Ubee WiFi. After many misdirections from Gary I ended up getting a new Wireless router and because I did not install it from the book of Gary was disowned, but everything is working great now that I am nolonger using the Ubee for wireless.

There were no misdirections on my part whatsoever and you were not disowned. Instead of taking my advice you opted instead to argue virtually everything and then turned it personal at which point the decision was made that continuing effforts to work with you when you had no intention of taking the advice anyway were pointless. I will bend over backwards and do backflips for our customers but it was very clear your intent was to match wits and argue.

Instead of using the Asus RTN56U for its intended purpose (an outstanding router) you have crippled its functionality and are using it for nothing more than an access point. Had I known that was your intent all along I could have saved you $60 and put you into an Engenius Technologies high power access point and lit up your entire house and surrounding neighborhood problem solved.

Frankly I'm disappointed that it ultimately worked out the way that it did but sometimes it just happens that way. I can't make everybody happy every single time especially when they work against me and not with me....all the same I wish you the best of luck.
~All truth goes through three phases. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident. - Arthur Schopenhauer ~


Wesley Chapel, FL

I knew that ego of yours would not be able to handle my comments. So now you have crossed the line and publicly tried to discredit me the customer in a public forum.

In this reply alone you have contradicted yourself. Saying that I was not disowned, but yet you decided to discontinue efforts. I only questioned things that made no sense. I did everything you suggested up to your definition of bridging, which is really shutting off all network capabilities of the Ubee except for modem function. That is not bridging. I did in fact truely bridge the Ubee and the Asus. Jury is still out on whether or not I will make the Asus the router, since it appears to be covering the entire house from its current location I might.

Bendover backwards? I asked for several pieces of information and was not provided anything worth while. Since you force everyone into the direct forum so nobody can follow the resolution of the issues no one really knows what is going on and what problems everyone is really having. All to supposedly protect an IP address that any website you access can capture. Your own webpage tells people how to go to a webpage so it can display it for them if they can not figure it out.

Now please explain to EVERYONE how you would have saved me $60. My ASUS cost me $107 new. Please show me an Engenius AP that has DUAL Band and equal performance for under $47. This is just like when you told me my Ubee defaulted to channel 11 and it has known issues and I should use channel 1. It in fact defaulted to 1 and then you had me try 11. Functioned exactly the same on either channel and no APs in my area shared either channel. I can easily provide the documentation to back this up. What about how you offered to cover 1/2 of the cost of the new router, but you ignored me when I asked if that offer was still on the table?

From day one all I ever complained about as a true issue was the wireless part of the Ubee. Along the way I pointed out many issues with the Ubee in effort to show unreliability of the device, but you told me to just ignore them all. The damn thing can not even adjust the time via timezones correctly, but it is a SOLID UNIT in your own words.

Now please explain to everyone why you, a corporate support professional, would push a customer to a third party firmware for their new ASUS device? A customer that only wants simple reliable wireless service. Nothing fancy, nothing out of the realm of standard. Brighthouse won't even let their customers see all the settings on the boxes they provide, yet you would like a customer to run a third party firmware on a very highly rated device. From a business perspective Brighthouse should be totally against that from any of it's employees.

You tell me that Brighthouse does not fully support wireless in the customer's home. It is just a side benefit. If you read through your online marketing information or talk to your sales department, they have a very different take on that.

So I as a customer purchased a service and support model from Brighthouse that they could not deliver and the recommended brighthouse solution is for me to purchase my own equipment. Might be acceptable if I was provided a discount on my monthly service. And I might add install my equipment they way they want it installed or be "called out" in a public forum.

So if you agree with everything Gary says and do exactly as Gary says you will never have any issues with Gary. Your problem might or might not get fixed, but Gary will be happy.

So have a great day Gary, keep insulting the customers.


Taft, CA
·Bright House Net..

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mikewcfl I honestly don't know where to begin with your post. Gary has an ego ??? I been on this BHN forum for over a year now the only thingy I have seen Gary do is assist and resolve and help us BHN customers with service issues. I watch him almost everyday helping many many BHN customers, he knows what he is doing trust me. He is the man to turn to and reach out to to get the job done quickly, and correctly. He is a major asset to BHN Forums. As far as suggesting to flash a 3rd party firmware, its common knowledge that third party firmware fixes issues and bugs with the original firmware. Asus even Gives thanks to the 3rd party firmware developers that discover an issue or a bug or an enhancement. and they even implement the third party's coding in their updated firmware releases.
I don't care what anyone says Gary Rocks and is my BHN Hero
Taft CA Bright House Customer Since 2003 Lightning 60/5