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London, ON
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reply to TSI Marc

Re: They pick up quick, but I might as well talk to hold music

said by TSI Marc:

said by TypeS:

TekSavvy's fault here is that it seems (correct me if I am wrong here), the CSR you spoke to failed to mentioned that there 3 install dates and gave you the impression the Rogers tech would be there for certain on one date.

Hum, yeah but no matter what was said. There is no way the service would have gotten installed sooner. I.e. whatever issues in communication there may have been.. It did not result in a delay of any kind from what I was able to understand. Is that not correct?

I don't know, I'm not the OP of thread Marc. :>

Just a poster who was grown irritated at how threads like these misrepresent TekSavvy because people put emotions before logic.

As my own review states, I have lost connectivity twice, for a period of over 48 hours. I have felt the pain and frustration that comes with you folks being a TPIA provider and relying on Rogers being honest

So far the inconveniences I have suffered don't overshadow the savings I get had I stuck with Rogers 2 years ago.

TSI Marc
Chatham, ON
Haha of course.. That's a Q for the OP for sure.
Marc - CEO/TekSavvy