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CableOne High ping at night in Sioux City

I don't mean to revive an old post, but is anyone else getting really high ping at night in Sioux city again. I'm on a DOCSIS 3.0 and have a 50mb connection


Kansas City, MO
Yup, speeds seem fine, but ultra high-pings.

I inquired today about slow upload speeds (totally forgetting about the ping issue) this was told "Your upload is being affected by a circuit issue we are having today. We will be performing emergency maintenance tonight to resolve the latency issues."

I'm going to guess the issues are related.

reply to sirfroggz
I'm in a small town near tulsa OK, the past week has been incredible. pings skyrockets around 7pm to 11pm. called customer support 3 times, got ZERO help. did the usual restart router/modem, connect directly to modem, etc, etc. its not my equipment, its the congested line in the evening.

they tell me to use the cableone speed test, showing 30mb down, which is garbage. my REAL speedtests to other sites shows my real connectivity ~2mb down, but they won't accept that.

paying the 50mb plan, getting 2mb down. absolutely awful.

reply to sirfroggz
Yes i am having that same issue!!

Called cable one last night ping is around 5 times what it usually is between 7pm-11pm. After 50 mins of talking to a Tier 1 rep that was mostly just trying to brush me off, they said they were aware of a regional issue, something about a circuit. Canned response? idk. Been bad for about a week.


North Sioux City, SD
reply to sirfroggz

They seem fine to me. I am near Sioux City as well.

Yes they fixed it during the morning of the 29th. Thank you all for calling them and telling them about the issue. Lets please remain vigilant if we see issues like this in the future.


Sergeant Bluff, IA
We need to start calling again, last 2-3 nights have been high latency, back to where it was a month ago when they fixed the hardware issue they were having.


Sergeant Bluff, IA
reply to sirfroggz
Really high ping last few nights.


Sergeant Bluff, IA
reply to Nodozz
Has anyone called?