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El Paso, TX


If they did launch a stand alone service like HBO Go, I don't think it would be that successful. In a world where 8 dollars can get you so much more, i just don't see the value proposition.
I sure as hell wouldn't pay 8 dollars a month for content that is so limited compared to their competition. Maybe for a buck or two a month i'd consider it.


Jacksonville, NC
And hence therein lies the problem... customers who think that the service is only worth 1-2 dollars without consideration of cost of series production + actor salaries times the # of shows they actually show. Not to mention transmission costs, carrier fees, etc., and the fact that that they have to turn a profit (shareholders).

Someone above mentioned constant money vs maybe money which pretty much sums it up. Why go for maybe money, when you have constant money coming in. Unnecessary risk (at this point).