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Mississauga, ON

[Internet] Sagemcom 2864 25/10 weird connectivity issue


anyone encounter this problem, i recently upgraded to 25/10 profile and the black sagemcom 2864 modem. Usually everything is rock solid and speedtest are 25/10 or as close to it as you can get.

usually once or twice a day i am unable to connect from any of my computers at home ( 2 desktop and 2 laptops ) to any of my online games ( guild wars2, world of warcraft, world of tanks, Teamspeak ) or windows live mail.

I am still able to surf or even run a speedtest ( which shows good results ) but I am unable to connect to the above.

If I am currently online to any of these , I do not lose connection and everything seems normal, but i simply cannot connect to these from any computer when this issue hits.

My solution so far is to reboot the modem then I am able to connect no problem. But I don't want to be rebooting the modem twice a day.

Never had this issue with the white 2wire modem.

Has anyone else hit this issue? any thoughts on what this is? blocked ports? lease expiring?

I have been in contact with Bell Direct and tweaking the profile has not resolved this issue yet.



Never heard of this problem... but then again, Sagemcom update mess up port forwarding... and probably other things.


Montreal, QC
reply to brosio
I'm having the same problem. If I restart the router I'm able to connect without any problem but 30 minutes after if I try I'm unable to log in any game. DMZ is enable.


Mississauga, ON
reply to brosio
Finally someone who has the same issue as me! but once I reboot the modem it may not re-occur for 12 to 24 hours.

I do not think I have the DMZ enabled, will have to search for that on the sagemcom menus.


Mississauga, ON
reply to brosio
Ok today when the issue happened, instead of rebooting the modem I just connected to the connection hub and internet settings page and removed the password, saved and put the password back.

issue went away.

hope this helps narrow down what this issue is...


Scarborough, ON
reply to brosio
Expericend same issue after switching to Bell 15/10. Disconnected randomly and need reboot to recover the internet browsing.

When internet was disconnected, I can ping/telnet/nslookup to remote successfully.

Bell replaced a router but issue is same.

Seems I need to cancel Bell and go to other service provider. My former Primus didn't have such issue.


Toronto, ON
reply to brosio
I got the same issue. When working, its working well...speed up and down is as advertised. About 3-4 times a day something happens and I cant serve unless I wait like 5 min or reboot the modem manually. I noticed that I cant download during that period, but the upload works fine. I had 2 modem changes, 2 port changes (because after level 1 tech support ran a test while the modem was off, it fried the ports outside the building both times). I had like 4 different tech people over they checked the line and its fine, changed connectors. There is nothing in the logs of the modem in the Connection Hub area. When it disconnects, I still have an IP address and the lights on the modem are the same as when its working fine. I dont know what to do.