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Quebec, QC
reply to dsudot

Re: [TV] PSA: Fibe TV's Multicast data affects personal Wireles

Thanks for this. May I ask how you determined (what tools did you use) the source of your problem?


Guelph, ON
First of all my setup.

Bell modem with a single lan connection to my main switch, my main switch is wired to drops all over my house, one goes to a Bell Fibe Receiver, another to my AP, etc. At one location i have another switch that feeds another receiver and my PC network.

My AP was wired into my main switch, upon pinging my wireless AP from a wireless connected device, i saw significant latency and packet loss, and lots of jitter. When I disconnected the uplink from from the modem to my main switch, my packet loss ceased to my AP. I then reconnected and filtered all multicast traffic on the main uplink port on my primary switch. This solved the wireless lan connectivity issue, but ultimately affected the TV. I then removed the filter and enabled IGMP snooping, which filters multicast traffic off all ports except those that go to a Bell receiver, or a switch uplink port.

I ended up putting in two SMB SG200-08 Cisco Switches, at around 100 bucks a piece. But the functionality/features of them, it was definitely worth it.


Hey, I'd be interested in some more detailed instructions as I have this same switch, and maybe some screenies if you wouldn't mind!



Guelph, ON
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These are my current settings, The third image, i didnt modify anything on, it only illustrates the results of the IGMP snooping.

For that specific switch, I would have multicast traffic on ports 1 (uplink port to bell modem) and ports 3/4 as those are the ports the receivers connect on.

I've noticed this behaviour on someone else's setup as well - IGMP snooping on the switch does resolve the issue. However, have you tried plugging in the AP directly to the Sagemcom? Normally the 2864 should perform IGMP Snooping itself.