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Fremont, CA

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Re: RG unresponsive each morning

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God this sounds awfully like mine. I had my u-verse installed last Wednesday, UV realtime claim I'm 1100 ft away but my noise margin is low. There was one long outage the next day (Thursday) when everything went out ~5pm (TV/phone/internet), they came back within an hour or so but then TV is very jerky (and every 5 mins it will say lost TV connection), I power cycle the RG then it was fine. Friday morning mom claims TV is jerky again I looked in RG log and there's one "broadband connection lost" around 5am, I power cycle the RG again then TV was ok. Saturday morning mom complained same jerky thing again and I then notice my internet is also out, I checked my asus router (dmzplus behind RG) and it didn't get a proper IP for some reason and I can't login to the RG, power cycle the RG again and it's been ok so far till today.

Esteeze: can you comment how easy was it to call in and complain and get the 3801? I am wondering if I should do something with 1100 and only get 36 max rate. I also just got a 3800HGV from the new install. If it keeps on like that I think I'll have to switch to comcast (which just became avail after my u-verse install .... )


Birmingham, AL
waver168, it was a pretty straightforward call to AT&T to get a replacement router sent. No complaining needed. I just told them the recent history of having to reboot the gateway each morning. I think if you call and tell them that, you'll have success in getting a replacement one sent to you.

Also, I would call on a weekend or at odd hours if you can help it; avoid calling in the evenings. I think you will have less of a wait time. Seems like weekday evenings are the busiest times.

Good luck! I'll send feedback on how my the new gateway helps me.


Fremont, CA

I called up techsupport this morning, the guy claims 6db is the floor for noise margin(what?!), but he ran the line test and did say something is not right and is sending a guy over to see where the noise is coming from. Not sure if I'll get a new RG....

Belleville, IL
6db is the min, if its lower than 6db than you will experience problems if its over 6db it is considered within specs(Not saying that its right but testing will show passing)

think of it as a pipe a pipe that is only 6in can only let so much signal in but a pipe that is 20in has a lot of room for signal the greater the nosie margin the better your signal so a low noise margin could be too high a speed for how far your distance is from central office or vrad or could be interference from other signals or could be bad wiring or outside drop wire etc..