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Annapolis, MD
reply to jjoshua

Re: Steam room finished

Gotcha. Yeah, I messed up the placement on that right bench. I started that bench off the front wall (closest to the door) and the rest of the room was started from the back corner. The vertical narrow tiles (only available in 12" widths) have a beveled edge cast into them, which I wanted for the corner. Is there a better way to do outside vertical corners that I missed?

Premium,ExMod 2001-14
I seriously LOVE those glass tiles and the less than usual arrangement.

I will (hopefully) re doing a very 80s style bathroom this spring and I have book marked this thread for reference.

Yes, I agree with mattmag on the water fall effect. I am looking for more blue tones but that is just my color preference.

No steam room just a basic full bath with not much room - two people is barely doable. One must be in the shower.

Again, very impressive.
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