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Montreal, QC
reply to hm

Re: The Draft of the New Wireless Code

The unlocking rules are nice. Depending on which option they pick, the worst case is providers must allow any device to be unlocked after 30 days of service for a fee specified in the contract. Unfortunately, it doesn't specify what the fee is.

Option #2 would be nice, though. It says that for unsubsidized devices, or when the user's contract is over, the carrier must unlock the phone at any time at no charge.
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Still no time to read this, but some articles on it so far...

Thousands of Canadians participate in first draft of wireless code of conduct
» ··· ory.html

Wireless fee, contract guidelines proposed by CRTC
» ··· rtc.html

CRTC unveils new draft code for wireless carriers
» ··· 7910199/

CRTC releases draft of new wireless code
» ··· e/146664

un-interestingly enough, I see nothing in Quebecor media on it.

reply to Guspaz
Not much "regulation" in that thing. Just more industry self-regulating nonsense.

There should be mandatory fines for each breach of each clause. Period. They are giving them too much wiggle room with these open-ended "codes".

Seems the Harper gov is too scared to bring in something with teeth to put into law.

I hope the provinces continue to make their own laws. This is weak and just a bare minimum, if that.