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New Windsor, MD
reply to jferris33

Re: No 4G Yet :(

said by jferris33:

I had a similar problem when I got my Jetpack from Millenicom - no 4G signal at my house. I took the Jetpack and my laptop in my car and drove towards the nearest cell phone tower and about 1/2 mile from my house I was able to pick up a 4G signal.

When VZ lit up LTE in my area, after going thru many months of low Sprint Speeds, I jumped on the Millen Jetpack. My experience was similar to yours...but even worse...much less than a 1.4 mile I had 3G, a 1/2 a mile I had full 4G. At my signal.

(Millen product return was seamless, as I kept the Unlimited Sprint service)

Isn't the VZ LTE signal less terms of penetrating trees, and filling in along a less than totally flat terrain?

Someone posted here (Max?) that VZ was planning on going up to a 1900 signal from the current 800(?) because of this problem.

Feel free Corrrect an details ablt the signal that I got wrong.

(PS I'm still on they upgraded many towers in my area)


Cobbs Creek, VA
Verizon LTE is 700 MHz, it has much less propagation/penetration issues than Sprint at 1900 MHz
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Bon Aqua, TN
reply to cbobby
I think you have that backwards on the signal to penetration.. I've always understood that the lower the number, the better the penetration.. meaning 800 will do better than 1900.. I'm having issues with 3g on verizon in my area because of the frequency used.. But in theory 4g would be fine... ATT has both voice and lte/hspa+ on 800 and 700 signals, so technically they have the show here in Dickson, TN