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Clinton Township, MI

U Verse Installation questions

I live in southeast Michigan and am considering a switch to U Verse triple play. I am currently subscribed to WOW! which lately has been having service problems as well as a recently announced rate hike. My question concerns installation. I already have coax run to several rooms that was installed by WOW! that's very new only several yrs. old. Will a U U Verse install make use of this coax for tv service or will there be a need for cat5e. Also would there be a need for any work at the Network interface box on the back of the house for the landline coming from the pole. ATT site isn't very clear so I am looking for any info I can.


Michigan, US
Coax is fine, and yes, they will most likely need to do something at the NID.

Belleville, IL
reply to mjn426
said by mjn426:

for the landline coming from the pole.

when was your drop replaced coming from the pole, more than likely you will need a new drop if its pretty old, just depends if its outdated or not.

As far as coax or not, prefer cat5 to everything, less likely to need future repairs. very few truck rolls on houses that are all cat5 vs coax just because of fittings, sometimes the chipset that sends the signal out of the modem on coax goes out.

Hope this helps

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Coax is working fine for us. They also reused older coax and didn't replace our somewhat old line coming to our home. Had service for 4 years.


Mckinney, TX
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I have had similar questions regarding installation before deciding to make the switch to Uverse. We have a 4-bedroom home with coax to each of the bedrooms, the study and the family room. The splitting from the main, incoming line from the cable provider to get signal to all of those rooms is all done outside! Is that going to be a problem?

I prefer that they be able to use coax as in all of the bedrooms the coax outlets and phone jacks are on opposite walls.


Boca Raton, FL
No major issue. AT&T U-verse is designed to displace existing service. It can reuse Coax just fine. The installer will test your Coax to determine if it is in good condition. Your current Coax TV splitter can be replaced with a diplexer that looks almost exactly like a CATV signal splitter.

The signal routing process is a little different in that the U-verse VDSL signal runs from the outside NID location to the where your Gateway is installed and then the IPTV is backfed using the same Coax to the diplexer to then distribute the IPTV signal to your other rooms.

Often after checking the existing Coax the installer will only need to replace the existing Coax connectors with new compression fitttings at the connection points and at the existing wall jacks.



Chesterfield, MO
Dave does Uverse still have it so if the RG goes down everything goes down? Or has ATT changed that so you could still watch TV if the RG goes down? Thanks.

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said by Craiger:

Dave does Uverse still have it so if the RG goes down everything goes down? Or has ATT changed that so you could still watch TV if the RG goes down? Thanks.

Everything goes down when the RG loses a connection.

Streamwood, IL
I suggest finding the IP address of your ATT gateway. You can find that in the
Settings>Broadband>Status. Look for the item called Default Gateway. Write down that IP address.

Then ping that over long periods. I suggest the standard version of Ping Plotter. It has a 30-day free trial. It will graph your connectivity vs time, and that can help describe what you are seeing. If there is a time pattern, you could spot that too.

There are other ping programs that you might like.


Darien, CT
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reply to Craiger
Before we start talking about a RG do you know what kind of install you are having done? If you are a long distance from the cross box you may be getting an iNID and a different inside unit.

In this case the TV would be run with coax to the diplexer. Phone will also be tied in to this outside box.

Inside you will have you inside unit which the computers hook up to (this unit is ran over a single pair of phone cables to the outside unit) and a power supply with a backup battery run to the outside unit.