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reply to gunther_01

Re: outages

said by gunther_01:

said by tim_k:

I don't know about it being a "right", but if you are paying for a service and not getting it because of an outage, then the customer should be compensated.

You're not paying for a guaranteed service though. Check your terms of service. They aren't guaranteeing it to you in any way shape or form. Now if you were paying for a business class service with a service level agreement (and monthly figures much higher dollar wise), sure. But for residential service, no..

But that only goes so far. What happens if the outage goes on for a month, or more? There has to be some minimum service level expected. Usually what you're saying applies to upload/download speeds which are best effort. But to have no service at all, I think there's another standard that applies there.
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Saybrook, IL
I would agree only to the extent that if the customer notified the company.

The customer has some kind of responsibility as well. If they don't like the service, then they should leave it. Before it becomes something ridiculous like not have service for months, not calling in, and then demanding a refund for that time. (I see this all the time, and a router reboot fixes the issue)

You would be amazed at the level of individuals that somehow think every outage is caused by the ISP. And where the individual claims zero responsibility. Or that a "tech" is supposed to come fix every issue. Or refund them because the power went out last night.

There is a balance, and that line normally is very simple.