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Valencia, CA
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Re: Gas company hanky panky or bona fide glitch?

6.) Then comes the third month which covered December - January. $131.79 ! The usage was over double the previous months but our weather could not have accounted for the shocking increase. Yet I go out and look at meter and the reading is in range of the end reading on statement. How can this be?

We didn't have any hanky panky and your bill sounds pretty reasonable to me. I have NG heat - My Nov-Dec bill was $59, my Dec-Jan bill was $128. I have a 2100 sqft home.

Temperature drops a bit, days get shorter, gas bill goes up, a lot.

»www.wunderground.com/history/air ··· ory.html

For Cape Girardeau, MO
January heating days (base 65): 821
December heating days (base 65): 685
November heating days: 594

It IS getting colder, and if your bill is straddling months the later half of december is colder than the earlier half.

I'm not sure what you were paying before getting the NG system.
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Thanks djrobx. I'll stop my whining. But I still think these periodical adjustments stink to high heaven. I can accept the practice, but you can't make me like it!
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