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The Glitch
Cayuga, ON
reply to spectrumhead

Re: [Tech Ops] MPLS

said by spectrumhead:

If you were running OSPF, why you were wasting IP space ?

It doesnt make any sense.

I dont really remember if I was, I think the problem I was having is if 13 PPPoE concentrators were hitting the radius server at the same time (say after a large power blackout), the radius server would inadvertently assign the same IP address to 2-3 different customers. At least with it all on one concentrator it would reject the duplicate IP and try again, although I have not seen that in a long time (perhaps my radius/database server was too slow at the time).

Another reason I went with central concentrator was the ease of adding in other access sites, it was simple to just add an IP, turn on OSPF, MPLS, LDP and assign a VPLS tunnel ID, and bridge in my APs. Keeps CPU usage low, and configs simple..
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Yes as I am currently thinking about doing the same, centralizing the PPPoE server with MPLS, but all this MPLS and VPLS stuff seems so complicated to me.