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College Station, TX

Advertised changes of SL website that didn't happen

In early January of 2013, Suddenlink sent e-mail message to the @suddenlink e-mail account with the subject "This Month on Suddenlink Enjoy New Online Features ". We don't use suddenlink's e-mail account, so we seldom check those e-mails, but today I read that message.
First, the message is SPAM: it has a bunch of advertisement of the current services, and only at the end:
"Check Out These New Features. My Suddenlink is about to get even better! Enjoy all new My Account features, starting on January 23rd."
with the link leading to this webpage:

That page may not work reliably (one of two times I tried to load it, - I got the server error page). But it says:
Starting January 23rd, it will be easier than ever to register for an account, and you'll enjoy a new and improved way to view and pay your bill, manage your account, set up parental controls and access online support.

New features include:
Online Tools
View Scheduled Appointments
Newly organized tabs for My Profile, My Bill, My Services, My Email, and Online Tools
And more!
Today is January 29. I just went to "My account" page.
It is possible that I am not looking in the right place (Suddenlink pages have awful design for navigation), but I do not see anything new.

I don't know if I actually care for any of those, although SL website is so bad that almost any facelift would help. As for the new features,"view scheduled appointments" could be useful, if it is implemented in a reasonable way (about which Eeyore and I have serious doubts).
But in any case, - the advertised changes have not been delivered. SL did not bother to inform about the delay. (At the very least, they could have added an update information to the page quoted, - since it is the page on their website.)

There are smart, knowledgeable and attentive SL representatives who read this forum and help SL customers (kudos to them), but SL corporate attitude toward customers sucks, as much as SL's website.
I feel for those smart and knowledgeable SL employees who must be realizing that their employer's image is damaged by a lot of factors that are under corporate control. It's a pity that despite the recent infrastructure upgrades (albeit not always fully working at the end points), everything else lags behind.

Haughton, LA
Never received that email myself, but just logged in to check, no changes here


Mineral Wells, TX
reply to StR
I see changes to the site.. under account of course.. but that's about it.. Kinda wish suddenlink would stop with the IFRAMES!


reply to StR
Checked my accounts earlier this morning and noticed a new layout, images, links, etc.

Haughton, LA
Yup, I have the update now today too. Is it just me or was it a rather large oversight to change the entire interface and not bother to put a larger link/button to the billing page.... have to click on the link from the bottom of the page, lol


Fayetteville, WV
reply to StR
Their whole front page is nothing but clutter,whoever designed it probably doesn't know how to do a good job of it. I'd give it a D.
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