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Re: [Classes] Druid 5.2

Yes i dunno. If the buff to mastery is apparent, it might be a better stat than dodge (just thinking). Being bear's dont block and no loger have absorb shields from mangle crits, (atleast that i have noticed) more armor would make the physical damage less spiky. Limiting your reliance on dodge roll modifiers and more on set reduction amounts just seems better.....again not sure.

I am currently gemming/reforging to hit/exp/crit. Im sitting at 40% crit in bear form unbuffed....Rage hasnt been a problem for keeping up my dodge active and having some spare rage for heals/mauls when needed.

Evans, GA
It's the spell dmg and bleeds that will hurt the most. Right now we do well against physical dmg without the extra armor. We'll see.
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Havent tanked much here lately....but in previous tiers, armor mitigates bleed damage as most of it is physical. Not sure if this is still true. If so, it will be useful to have more armor....


reply to liquoranne
Currently the general consensus is to stack Crit for an RPS build. There are a few still using a mitigation build and there is discussions on how a haste build could be beneficial, however this seems to stay in the 25m raids.

Overall most stats sound like they are going to stay similar in 5.2 with the note of maybe needing 2 sets if you Heroic raid.

"...when dealing with Melee damage you will want to stack Haste/Mastery pieces after Hit/Exp capping in 5.2. This means that you will end up building more than 1 tanking set if you’re a heroic raiding Guardian. One for RPS/DPS, and another for mitigating pure melee hits."

» ··· -24-2012
Tiermordius on Nathrezim Server (US)
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