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Dodge, NE
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Re: [Classes] Druid 5.2

spell hit is 15% now fyi, the thing with laser chickens is keeping the buffed dot rolling along with the unbuffed, also being in an eclipse at the beginning of a fight so you have to utilize Celestial Alignment properly,i.e. being just before the eclipse where one cast puts you in it or just triggered eclipse. from my mates in Eu, crit still better than mastery only slightly so.

Bears, will switch dodge for crit in builds depending on fights and rage generation like Immer said succinctly, for normal 5 man dungeons crit wins the day more rage more FR and less healing by the healer our armour and SD take care of most physical damage, in the current tier of raids i cannot say per fight, my mates don't get brought for most fights on their bears, their guilds utilize Dk's, warriors and paladins.
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15%...ya...that sounds right based on my current rating and looking at the modifiers.
Ya dot upkeep sounds the same as before just without the swarm dot. Eclipse bit is the same as before also. Its just the addition of one of the active CD's that give you both benefits but cannot generate any energy. Not sure if thats good for starting to get both buff dots rolling and an eclipsed starfall/SS off the bat...guess ill play around with it some.