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Leander, TX
reply to lazidazi

Re: Insulating Attic

said by lazidazi :

Okay, now - please don't anyone get fussy with me for asking an ignorant question.

RE Xcal's pictures, insulating attic with rigid foam board on the bottom edge of roof rafters: When one does this, is insulation at/between the ceiling joists then not needed? Is the rigid insulation at the rafters all that's needed for the attic? [including, of course, what he's done on the gable ends, et al]

This type of discussion should probably have a thread of it's own but in the meantime I will quote what I posted to another member earlier in this thread.

said by robbin:

You should research conditioned or unventilated attics. It has become more popular in recent years.

Farmington, MI
Yeah, it allows you to NOT have a ventilated attic, where the goal would be to keep the attic space as cold as possible. All of the insulaiton is against the roof's inner surface, with the vapor retarder (in this case, the rigid foam boards' foil sheet) facing the attic. Spray foam like Icynene can be used for this as well as unfaced fiberglass (the spray foam has more R/inch but either can work).