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Las Vegas, NV
reply to Beezel

Re: [ALL] Cox Annual Speed Upgrade

said by Beezel:

I remember running a 300 baud on CompuServe. they charged more if you ran 1200. Oh I miss my old Tandy...

And their 2400 baud rates were total extortion.... Remember my 300 baud modem on my Atari 800XL though... For the 2400, I had an Amiga 500, and a floppy from AmigaWorld (I think) with a list of BBSes, and that started me off... went from that to running a BBS on FidoNet and AmigaNet, to running an IRC server on the Amiga IRC network, to, well, now...


Glendale, AZ
Heh I remember when I was young connecting to Prodigy under DOS using a 2400bps modem and a 386/25Mhz w/ 4MB of RAM.

Good god how slow it redrawed stuff, but it was still fun for those days.

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Las Vegas, NV
I had the exact same setup.

First time I bought something "on-line" was on Prodigy. Sears had put their catalog on Prodigy, so I pre-ordered the TurboGrafx Express handheld.