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Ashfield, MA
reply to PhilipG

Re: [HN9000] Why am I getting fapped during the fap-free time?

So ... Things have changed some since the outage. My usage meter was staying at 100% with download speeds always under 20K.

Since yesterday My usage meter is "working" to the extent that it indicates a rapidly diminishing allowance even though download speeds are still always under 20K. Refills are now back on the 24hr schedule.

I have been FAPed twice since yesterday once during the 2am to 7am time period so while I have seen posts to indicate that had been fixed for some, evidently not here.

FAPed or not the download speeds are the same.

There is still no usage data for me on the Hughesnet site since the 23rd.

I went through a period of essentially unusable download speed every day between 8am & midnight a few years ago with the 7000 but since I upgraded to the HN9000 speeds have been fairly consistent.

This is 7 days in a row of practically useless Internet.

Has anyone heard anything to indicate that Hughes knows what is wrong or when it might be fixed ?

I suppose I should call India but I find that experience incredibly aggravating and never satisfactory.

$80 a month - What a deal

Ralph Mouth

This page should give you some good info.

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