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Vancouver, BC

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reply to StarBuck

Re: [BC] TELUS High Speed Turbo 25 Usage being reduced 50%

Have been seriously thinking about this theme.
The TV is a the money maker and the moment Internet is due to the fact its being used as a TV for viewing.
Would folks that use just internet be willing to pay more just for that to get unlimited use say $95 per month?

I don't know how that' not due' got into my thread gremlins at work now corrected


Vancouver, BC
When I sign in my correction in above shows' due to'.
When I sign out a 'not due' is there in the post.
"it should read 'Due to the Fact that TV '
Have edited it twice.


Edmonton, AB
reply to Kruisey
.....the business side has unlimited 25/5 for ~85 a month, just for the sake of comparison & that includes your choice of primary hardware (combo dsl modem/router or pure dsl modem) and a preconfigured 4G modem as backup. I would pay that.


Vancouver, BC
Then if that was available to the home subscriber also it would solve this problem.