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This is a sub-selection from ATT DSL is NOT interested in your concerns!


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reply to sbken

Re: ATT DSL is NOT interested in your concerns!

said by sbken:

They provided a long list of what they considered harassment conditions - obscenity, threats, etc. I've engaged in none of those actions. But they implied that other actions on my part could result in termination of service. So, a letter to Mr. Stephenson could be counter-productive.

Sounds like someone in middle management is trying to prevent you from voicing your concerns to someone who can get something done ...like the CEO.

As long as your letter is respectful I see NO reason why you shouldn't let the CEO know about how his underlings are responding to those THAT PAY THEIR SALARIES!

The ONLY reason that other "gentleman" apologized for his behavior is because he knows that it was COMPLETELY UNacceptable behavior and is probably grounds for HIS TERMINATION, if the CEO knew about it. Which the CEO SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS BEHAVIOR.

The critical thing is that you must send that letter
"return receipt requested, to be opened ONLY by Mr. Randall Stephenson CEO of ATT. "


Mobile, AL
The problem with AT&T is management. They are completely uncoordinated. It's a classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. The best thing that could happen is for the wireline business to be spun off.


Soon as they find a buyer with $1 trillion dollars it's sold.
They want 100% wireless and cant wait to drop all landlines.

The imagined unending profit goldmine with wireless won't last forever, considering how the main street economy is stumbling more than even now, (wages stagnant or dropping due to inflation) price of staples going up, gas ect...most consumers are at the tipping point of what they can afford to spend on NONessential items, and internet is one of them.


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Anything Randall Stephenson can do for another steak dinner.

ATT is the absolute bottom of the dumpster.


Mobile, AL
·AT&T Southeast
said by DataRiker:

ATT is the absolute bottom of the dumpster.

Quoted for the truth. I'm stuck with them and hate every minute of it until Mediacom decides they want to service our neighborhood.


ever since about oct-2012, from 3pm to 9-10pm our ping goes up by outrageous rates. i try speedtests, and the throttling holds us steady "within our payment plan range" but the connection is intermittent overall.

every day my sons complain about how they cant play their games because their lag is so horrible because of the high pings.

customer support is NO HELP because as i said we're "within our accepted range for our payment plan"

such utter BS.
This is a sub-selection from ATT DSL is NOT interested in your concerns!